Cost Containment Playbook

Introducing the Cost Containment Playbook

25 Strategies for Healthcare, Pharmacy, & Workforce Optimization

After more than three years of economic fluctuations and more uncertainty on the horizon, business leaders everywhere are taking a deeper look into the financial resiliency of their organizations. With the cost of maintaining a top-notch business continuing to balloon, largely led by rising healthcare costs, our workforce strategists have compiled an array of actionable cost containment recommendations for employers of all stripes.


What's Inside

  • An overview of the factors that are causing business costs to rise.
  • An exploration of different health plan types beyond fully-insured or self-funded and how switching between them can maximize savings.
  • Tactics for reducing the rising costs of pharmacy benefits and prescription drug spending.
  • Tips on money-saving optimizations such as better retirement plan management, retention policies, and compensation planning.
American healthcare spending is expected to increase ~50% by 2030 , with employers footing much of the bill.

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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