OneDigital’s 2022 Engagement & Wellbeing Calendar

Timely Resources to Empower Your People

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that plans can change in the blink of an eye. Despite ongoing changes, one thing remains the same: the secret to thriving as a business is investing in your employees. Each month, access actionable information to support your team in bringing their best selves to work. You'll also find employee-facing engagement and wellbeing resources to share directly with your employees.

Calendar content is subject to change in response to today’s evolving and unique climate to ensure you get the most relevant and timely content at any given time of year.


January: Prioritize Yourself

A new year can signify a fresh start, a ‘shiny’ new you, complete with new goals. But for many, the thought of setting personal or professional goals may feel less than inspiring after the challenges and continued uncertainty of the last two years.

Instead, encourage your employees to focus on taking stock of the moments, activities and things that enhance their quality of life and shedding those that do not. Suggest some ideas that your team can use to set intentions around practicing kindness and self-care for themselves and others, including:

  • Make space for healthy habits such as taking breaks, getting organized and getting enough rest to keep your immune system rejuvenated.

  • Evaluate and set healthy boundaries with your work schedule to prevent burnout.

  • Practice empathy with colleagues who may be experiencing their own challenges.

As you navigate the road ahead, rely on these resources to help your employees stay mindful of prioritizing their needs and, of course, make sure you’re implementing these practices yourself.

Employer Resources

  • On-Demand Advisory Session | Join OneDigital’s Workforce, Member Engagement and Wellbeing leaders for a critical discussion on 2022 strategic planning to combat a lack of employee engagement, the Great Resignation and mental health challenges.Watch Now
  • Coronavirus Resource Guide | The top resources you need to support your workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic. Review Now
  • Healthy People Blog | OneDigital's workforce health experts address the latest topics important to employers and employees. Read More

Employee Resources

January Guide

You’ll find both sets of resources packaged together to make it easier to plan and implement your customized approach. Download the January guide now.

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February 2022: Whole-Hearted

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. February signifies the national health observance of heart health. Typically, we focus on the prevention and early detection of heart disease. Why? According to the CDC, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease*; however, heart disease can often be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing heart conditions.

This year, think about taking a more holistic approach. Heart disease not only leads to strokes and heart attacks (in the form of catastrophic claims to your medical plan) but also steals the lives and livelihood of your people and causes heartbreak for their loved ones.

Take a whole-hearted approach to February by advocating for adopting healthy habits amongst your employees to manage and prevent heart disease while also encouraging your employees to practice actions that make their hearts feel full.

Review the employer resources to set up your month for success and connect your employees with the educational materials on “hearth health” below.

*Centers for Disease Control

Employer Resources

  • Employer Advisory Podcast | OneDigital’s workforce experts discuss the five pillars of wellbeing and provide tactical strategies employers can use to support the entire spectrum of employee wellbeing.Listen Now
  • Flyer | Living Whole-Hearted: How to Forge Stronger Virtual Connections Read Now
  • Flyer | An Employer's Guide to Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace Read Now

Employee Resources

February Guide

You’ll find both sets of resources packaged together to make it easier to plan and implement your customized approach. Download the February guide now.

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