2023 Cost Containment Playbook

Introducing the Cost Containment Playbook

25 Strategies for Healthcare, Pharmacy, & Workforce Optimization in 2023

After three years of wild economic fluctuations and more uncertainty on the horizon, business leaders across the country are worried about the financial resiliency of their organizations. With the cost of maintaining a top-notch workforce continuing to balloon, OneDigital has compiled an array of actionable cost containment policy recommendations for employers of all stripes.


What's Inside

  • An overview of the factors that are causing business costs to rise.
  • An exploration of different health plan models and how switching between them can result in sizeable savings.
  • Tactics for reducing pharmaceutical costs and taking control over your prescription drug spend.
  • Tips on money-saving optimizations such as better retirement plan management, retention policies, and compensation planning.
American healthcare spending is expected to increase ~50% by 2030 , with employers footing much of the bill.

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services