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WHITEPAPER | New Era, New Approaches: Employee Benefits For A Multi-Generational Workforce



Millennials are everywhere. Employers from every industry are rethinking their formula to attract and retain the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Making up 34% of the workforce—and rising to 50% by 2020—millennials are no longer the future, they are the now.

Is your recruitment strategy poised to attract these tech-savvy digital natives? Top performing organizations understand the crucial role that employee benefits offerings can have in attracting and retaining high caliber talent. If you're still relying on your broker's traditional approach to employee benefits, you're missing the mark.

OneDigital delivers fresh thinking for organizations to succeed with employee benefit plans that work across the workforce. Aligning your employee benefits with your recruitment strategy will help you win the talent battle.

Does your broker approach benefits as one size fits all?

With a labor pool comprised of three distinct generations, each with a very different approach to employment and employee benefits, having a fresh approach to your benefits strategy will not only keep you in the game within your industry but help you win high-performing talent over your competitors.




"How Tech Savvy Millennials are Shaping the 21st Century Workplace"

By George Papagelis, Managing Principal
Can you hear it? Probably not. Can you see it? Maybe. It’s a little like watching a plant or a tree grow. Though you may not hear or see it in real time, it’s been growing over time and will continue to grow well into the future. No, I’m not a botanist or an arborist, and I’m not talking about plants or trees. I’m talking about the growing presence of millennials, the group of people born between 1981-1997, in the workforce.



New Era, New Approaches: Employee Benefits For A Multi-Generational Workforce

There’s an unusual phenomenon occurring in today’s workforce. Three distinct generations—Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials—are working alongside each other at most organizations. At the same time, additional representatives from the Silent Generation and Generation Z are positioned as bookends at opposite ends of the age spectrum, simultaneously placing five age groups in the labor force. While this multi-generational mix has introduced novel concepts to the work environment, such as more flexibility, it also presents new challenges to benefits programs.



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