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10 Essential Elements To Promoting A Culture Of Good Health Within Small Businesses

Merry December! The end of the year is finally here, can you believe it?  As the year closes out, I wanted to note another important point about worksite wellness - it’s not just for big business or large group companies. Yes, most of the research and media attention has been focused on the mid to larger sized companies, but there is something to be said for a healthy culture regardless of company size.

Any direct influence on healthcare claims or return on investment won’t be something that can be measured, but small businesses are able to influence the other important aspects of having a healthy culture, such as: increased morale, using health & wellness as a recruitment & retention tool, having a well-rounded safety initiative, promoting & recognizing self-reported behavior changes and increased productivity through a high-performing culture.

The Wellness Council of America has outlined 10 essential elements to promoting a culture of good health within small businesses.

1.    Issue a letter of support & commitment from the owner
2.    Designate an enthusiastic wellness leader within the company
3.    Conduct an employee health interest survey
4.    Provide an opportunity for health screenings
5.    Administer an annual physical activity campaign
6.    Host lunch & learns on important health topics
7.    Establish an in-house wellness library or resource area
8.    Disseminate a quarterly health newsletter
9.    Implement health promoting policies
10.  Promote health efforts in the local community

If you’re working within the small business space, don’t think you can’t “play in the big leagues.” Small businesses can really do some amazing things when it comes to creating a culture of good health within their four walls. At times, being smaller allows you to have more control, creativity, flexibility and reach. Consider working through these 10 elements and start creating a high-performing, healthy culture today!