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2020 Q3 Regulatory Round-Up 

The legal and regulatory response to COVID-19 continued to modify the compliance landscape for employers throughout the third quarter of 2020, including new requirements and options for employer-sponsored health and retirement plans.  Read on to learn more about some of the recent changes. Check back for the latest regulatory response and news.

For a complete overview of the legal and regulatory changes that took place during Q2 of 2020, read the 2020 Q2 Regulatory Round-Up.

August 2020

  1. Final CCPA Regulations Approved and Effective Immediately HR
  2. IRS Says Employees Can Donate Leave for COVID-19 COVID-19 HR
  3. The Future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) BENEFITS
  4. MA Paid Family & Medical Leave Private Plan Exemption – September 30 HR
  5. MA Travel Order Effective August 1 COVID-19 HR
  6. FFCRA Updates COVID-19 HR
  7. NY Federal Court Ruling Invalidates Portions of FFCRA COVID-19 HR
  8. DOL’s FMLA Clarifications and Submission Guidelines HR
  9. Executive Orders Impacting Healthcare BENEFITS COVID-19 HR

July 2020

  1. SCOTUS Rules In Favor of Contraceptive Challenge BENEFITS
  2. California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) Enforcement BENEFITS HR
  3. Local Government Plans and COVID-19 Mandates? BENEFITS HR COVID-19
  4. New Proposed Rule Simplifying Grandfathered Health Plans BENEFITS
  5. COVID-19 Furloughs, Layoffs & Leaves BENEFITS HR COVID-19
  6. Guidance for Employers on Handling Insurance Plan Distributions BENEFITS COVID-19

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