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2021 Strategic Planning: Adapting to Support Your Employee's Experience

In today's rapidly changing environment, the needs of your business and employees are evolving at unprecedented rates.

Leaders can no longer afford to haphazardly react to stressors their workforce faces and must proactively implement long-term strategies that mitigate the adverse effects on their workforce. As a new year approaches, leaders are assessing their benefits to ensure employees have the essential support and programs to stay healthy, productive and engaged. Join OneDigital strategists for a discussion on the evolving workforce trends and creative solutions forward-thinking employers are implementing to support their workforce through 2021.

Watch the employer advisory session, 2021 Strategic Planning: Adapting to Support Your Employee's Experience, to discover:

  • A blueprint for employers to support their workforce through increasingly difficult times, including mental health challenges, child-care solutions, grief and COVID-19 fatigue.
  • Strategies to drive business performance and improve employee satisfaction, help employees manage stress, feel more encouraged and engaged at work.
  • How to map out the employee journey and engagement plan and why this is a critical component to prioritize.

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