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4 Ways to Tell If Your Agency Has Stopped Growing

You were a maverick when you built your agency. You were known for delivering fresh thinking and strategic guidance to your clients. Always one step ahead of your competition, you found accounts that were ripe for the picking. But the market has changed—and now you find yourself on the sidelines of the game you used to win.

Here are 4 indicators that your agency may be getting left in the dust:


  1. you're too fatigued to play offense

Every day you seem to be fighting a battle to keep at-risk clients from signing a BOR with another agency that is larger and in many cases inferior to your own. When you’re constantly playing defense, you can’t pick your head up to see the field before you—so playing offensive is out of the question, which leaves you further and further behind in your clients' eyes.

What factors played a role in your current state? Maybe market consolidation turned your competition into a winning team with tools and carrier clout you don’t have access to. Maybe it was healthcare reform that threw too big of a punch for your agency to get out in front of. Maybe you couldn’t maintain a healthy pipeline so your producers took off for more fruitful waters.

Joining the OneDigital team will get you back out on the field—and fast.

With more and more agencies competing for our business, we needed wider resources to deliver to our clients… joining OneDigital and having their support, we are now able to be much more responsive and deliver what clients are really expecting.
Joe Leigner, Principal, OneDigital Alpharetta


  1. you're stubbornly independent

After owning your own business for so long, it’s hard to imagine anyone else taking the helm. The business was built with your blood, sweat, and tears and handing it off to another company could feel like you’re abandoning everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

We get it and have built our company with the same entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Your commitment to your business is strong, but do you have the time and the resources to build for the future? OneDigital welcomes talented benefits entrepreneurs looking to grow strategically. Will you be our next partner?

We honor your expertise and our inclusive culture values intellectual exchange and unique voices. We value and seek independent, entrepreneurial leaders who want to be compensated for results but are also win-win thinkers who will participate in building a cohesive company as part of a team.
Adam Pannell, EVP of Mergers + Acquisitions, OneDigital


  1. your agency struggles to be heard above the noise

Do a quick search online of health insurance brokers in your area and you’ll likely see the same websites and imagery over and over again. The standard visuals and language that seem to indicate one is a health insurance broker have seen little change over the last few years—and if you’re an employer looking for a new broker relationship, it's hard to find one that stands out—even just a little.

VP of Marketing, Allison Lantieri explores how a well-oiled marketing machine and brand story can make all the difference in helping agencies to grow.

  1. there's no time to innovate

Keeping pace with industry trends and bringing that fresh-thinking into your agency is vital to your long-term success.  But--innovation takes brain space, and the time to create a vision. Truth be told, you’re too overwhelmed with holding on to the block that you have to stay sharp with all the latest and greatest capabilities that today’s clients expect.

OneDigital continues to experience exponential growth because we’re and organization building for the future—and we’re committed to taking the road less traveled. We’re constantly evolving our vision, our strategies and our initiatives to be the leader in our space. As the nation's largest employee benefits-only company— and a member of Inc. 5000's List of America’s fastest-growing companies—we're committed and invested in talented teams, firms and solutions to build value over the long-term for our clients.

Raise the bar for your agency and your people by joining our organization. Looking ahead, it might just be that your agency’s best days are yet to come.



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