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5 Areas Of Focus For Creating A Culture Of Good Health

Happy New Year everyone!

With a new year comes a new focus. Up until this point, the emphasis on worksite wellness programs has been on identifying health topics to educate employees or identifying areas of risk to help change individual behaviors.

This year we are changing gears! Organizational Culture (creating a high performing culture of good health in the workplace) is usually an afterthought. Well, why not culture first? How about connecting with the organizational mission, learning the values and norms of the work climate, understanding the true impact of morale and compare those to a high performing culture of good health? How about focusing on the purpose and vitality in life and at the workplace instead of illness and disease?

If our culture isn’t in alignment with our mission, or if it’s fragmented or disconnected, it will be more difficult and will take longer to create a healthy, high performing culture. What CEO wouldn’t want a high performing culture within their organization?

The shift is on—and it’s all about wellbeing. Experts have identified five areas of focus:

1.    Career wellbeing – liking what we do everyday
2.    Social wellbeing – positive relationships at the workplace
3.    Financial wellbeing – economic stability supported at the workplace
4.    Physical wellbeing – emotional and physical energy
5.    Community wellbeing – connecting to our communities

Employees who feel valued and supported at the workplace are more apt to be high performers, which in turn, helps to shape organizational culture in a positive way. Have you considered your organizational culture as an important aspect of your worksite wellness programs?