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5 Factors To Consider When Rolling Out Worksite Wellness Interventions

This month we are sharing information from the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) that outlines factors that need to be considered when rolling out any type of intervention to employees within the workplace. Listed below are the first five considerations--the last six will be shared in a follow-up post in August.

1. What specific objective does this intervention address? Interventions should be based on data that’s been collected, be aligned with leadership’s vision, be aligned with what employees want and with what the wellness committee can deliver.

2. How many employees are targeted to participate in this intervention? Set a participation goal ahead of time and go public with it. This helps gain support and accountability.

3. What incentives will be used? Incentives increase participation. Those that are tied to the benefit plan design generate the highest participation. Seek the advice of your legal counsel to be certain you’re in compliance with the law and/or any tax implications that you may need to understand.

4. How will the intervention be promoted? Three words… communication, communication, communication. You can never over communicate. You need to do it early and often. Even better, get leadership involved.

5. How long will the intervention take to complete? Be short, sweet and to the point. Be transparent from the start to gain trust and try to match the right programs to the right participants. Don’t overcomplicate or you’ll lose people.

For more about how a wellness strategy complements your benefits strategy, contact your OneDigital representative

Stay tuned for the August follow-up, enjoy July and be in good health!