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5 Trends Shaping HR and Benefits in 2020

2020 will bring an escalation of business disruption, with a high impact on the way we work.

Employee experience, technology, and the use of strategic benefits to drive recruitment and retention will be at the top of the agenda for employers heading into the new era of work.

View the webinar, 5 Trends Shaping HR and Benefits in 2020, to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Business climate trends and how they are impacting the work ecosystem
  • Top HR trends in the areas of technology, cross-silo people management, and the new way of work
  • The top benefits trends to drive employee satisfaction and improve the bottom line

Employers who still rely upon traditional status quo tactics, such as carrier switching, benefits design changes and employee contribution increases, must face the reality that their healthcare spend will continue to outpace general inflation. Check out the recent blog for innovative strategies to combat rising healthcare costs: 2020 Healthcare Cost Projections: How to Make Your Health Plan Work for You.

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