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9 Key Takeaways from Virtual FutureCast 2019

On April 3rd, HR, benefits and business experts from across the country logged on to Virtual FutureCast 2019, a digital summit designed to deliver impactful yet practical ways to take charge of business needs by delivering a holistic approach to incorporating innovative benefits, HR and technology.

At Virtual FutureCast, OneDigital experts and industry thought leaders delivered engaging presentations on today’s latest trends. Miss the event or want to view more sessions? OneDigital will be opening Virtual FutureCast On Demand, so registered attendees can experience the event at their leisure and earn additional CE credits!

Before jumping in, check out these 9 key takeaways from Virtual FutureCast:

  1. Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders: How to Attract, Retain and Engage Multigenerational Employees

    Presenter: Lindsey Pollak, Multigenerational Workplace Expert and Keynote Speaker

    For the first time, there are five distinct generations in the workforce. Our keynote speaker, Lindsey Pollak, outlined the keys to multigenerational success, and how to remix them based on the makeup of today’s workers. Key trends included:

    • Leadership: the shift to ongoing coaching and why it leads to higher employee engagement and professional development
    • Experience: Why it is key to offer options and flexibility in the workplace and how to gauge what will work for your business
    • Communication: How transparency, cross-team collaboration and preferences create a more meaningful work experience for employees.
  2. The Missing Link: Leveraging Technology to Power Performance

    Presenters: Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing & OneDigital
    Cory Cook, Senior Director of Sales, Total Brain

    Around 90% of HR leaders say their organization needs to invest in three or more technologies in the next year. In this presentation, you can expect to learn why fostering a culture of wellbeing can empower employees, improve population health, enhance productivity, decrease healthcare costs and minimize turnover. By leveraging technology tools, such as Total Brain, employers can implement actionable solutions to close the link between employee experience and wellbeing with productivity.

  3. Leveraging Workforce Trends to Unlock the Power of HR

    Presenters: Nancy Saperstone, Senior HR Business Partner, OneDigital
    Amy Scannell, Director, Client Engagement, OneDigital

    As economic and regulatory uncertainty remain top of mind for employers, the focus has been squarely put on an organization’s ability to maintain a competitive edge. At the base level, HR functions are fairly transactional and have historically held an administrative role, serving as gatekeepers for promotions, salary increases and other activities that might positively impact an employee. Flash forward to today, and HR professionals have become a strategic adviser to the business, but reportedly still spend 20% of their time on administrative tasks, and as a result, miss the opportunity to proactively focus on the activities that will have the most impact to the business.

    Learn how to align the strategic goals of HR with the overall business objectives and position yourself as a trusted workforce advisor.

  4. What’s in It for Me? How to Offer a Competitive Rewards Package

    Presenters: Stacy Strauser, Director, Compensation Consulting, OneDigital
    Carrie Bartlett, Senior Benefits Consultant, OneDigital

    As organizations look to attract and retain talent, an increasingly multigenerational workforce introduces a new challenge; putting together the right mix of benefits and compensation programs that will engage employees across generations. The national unemployment rate is less than four percent, meaning the there’s even fiercer competition in the battle for talent. With greater opportunity, it’s even more vital to craft a thoughtful strategy behind recruitment, development and retention. During this session, explore practical methods of tailoring your offerings based on the unique makeup of your workforce.

  5. The Future of HR: Preparing for the New Workforce

    Presenter: Keith Falk, Regional Managing Director, HR Consulting, OneDigital

    The composition of today’s workforce is changing rapidly, paving the way for more technology solutions, virtual workers, a gig economy and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not only is it the most competitive market in decades, but the game is changing rapidly. What worked a few years ago is not necessarily going to work today and employers must adjust their expectations and tactics. Despite these advances and changing demographics, HR must remain at the cornerstone of overall employee experiences and focus on consumer-centric HR practices. Discover what's working for employers in this new workforce and how to embrace technology in your recruitment and retention strategy.

  6. Developing a Modern Workplace: The Link Between Engagement and Business Growth

    Presenter: David Hughes, HR Consulting Practice Leader, OneDigital

    What if you had the option to add 20-30 percent to your bottom line? Businesses that are reactive to today’s changes and challenges will face increasing obstacles in attracting and securing top talent. The future of the American workforce is still evolving, and the coming changes are something all employers should pay close attention to. During this enlightening discussion, you’ll uncover the long-term impact of rising labor costs, a tight labor market, employee retention and evolving demographics, and find out exactly how recruiting and hiring efficiencies can improve your bottom line.

  7. Weighing Your Options: Alternative Funding Arrangements

    Presenters: George Papagelis, VP, Client Strategy and Solutions, OneDigital
    Jim Carey, Producer Relations Director, CIGNA

    On average, the cost of healthcare is expected to rise five percent per year and shows no signs of slowing down. Progressive companies are continually seeking new ways of combatting the rising cost of healthcare benefits. This session will outline multiple approaches to managing your healthcare spend and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of fully-insured, self-insured, and level funded plans as well as outlining the key factors to consider when developing a multi-year strategic plan.

  8. Driving Efficiency with a Care Management Strategy

    Presenters: Shelley McLean, Senior Client Executive, OneDigital
    Tyler McIntosh, National VP Business Development, Grand Rounds

    Employers are spending more per member every year, and total spend is expected to continue growing 5-7% per year. Did you know spending per high-cost member grew over 9x that of corporate revenue? While many factors contribute to this increase, there are several concrete steps employers should implement immediately to combat the rising costs. Discover how helping members navigate healthcare complexities will become critical to maintaining overall cost efficiency.

  9. Compliance and Exposure: Minimizing your Potential Risk

    Presenters: Annette Bechtold, SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives, OneDigital
    Paige Hanson, Chief of Identity Education, Symantec & Joe Gervais Technical Director & CBU Red Team, Symantec

    The average cost for small to medium-sized businesses to clean up after a security breach ranges from $600k to over $1 million. At a time when cybersecurity attacks and breaches are all too frequent, heightened liability will fall on employers to safeguard and protect confidential employee information. In this session, we will go through a day in the life of an experienced hacker and a business professional to learn the common breaks in command that expose a business to potential threats. Here, you will learn actionable ways to minimize your potential risk and exposure to security threats.

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