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A Warm Welcome: Personifying Our Core Value, “We Care”

If you’ve ever stepped foot into our Hartford office, there’s a good chance you’ve been welcomed by our beloved receptionist, Jeanne Martin. If you’re a frequent visitor, there’s also a good chance she’ll remember your name, occupation, horoscope sign, and memoir. This is one thing that sets Jeanne apart from your “average” receptionist. Sure, she mails packages, directs phone calls, routes mail, and greets visitors, but she also manages to reach beyond these things and out to you.

Jeanne is the first person you see when you walk into our office, and for good reason. Rather than just politely saying “hello, how are you?” Jeanne gets to know everyone she interacts with on a daily basis on a personal level. Whether you’re a OneDigital Hartford employee, client, prospect, deliveryman, or just here for a first round interview, Jeanne will make you feel at home. From the very start of a conversation with her, you can feel that she genuinely cares. She cares about you, your family, your work, and intently listens to everything you have to say.

Jeanne is sincerely interested in the lives of everyone she meets because of her strong passion for people. She loves meeting and interacting with new people because she understands that everyone she meets has a different story to tell. Because of Jeanne, our reception area is no longer just a waiting room - it has transformed into a gathering area, where people come together to share bits and pieces of their lives.

When asked what gives her the most joy in her role, Jeanne says: "the people. The humdrum of everyday is good because every person I meet feeds my soul, it’s lovely. I look forward to coming to work. I love coming in and seeing everyone as an individual. I enjoy catching up with them, seeing how their families are, learning more about them. I love that in happy events we stick together and in hard times too, it’s like we’re glue.”

Jeanne is the heart of our OneDigital family. She is a huge asset to our office because her infectious laugh, positive energy, and words of wisdom can brighten anyone’s day. She supports us, guides us, cheers us up, listens to us, and makes us smile every day. Jeanne represents a shining example of how first impressions create memorable moments - she truly embodies our core value “we care.”

Jeanne Martin, Receptionist


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  1. Well done Stephanie - a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person!

  2. This is such a beautiful tribute to my friend Jeanne. I have know her as a co-worker and as a friend for quite a long time now and Stephanie has hit the nail on the head. There are other sides to Jeanne also. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and she is very dedicated to her family and friends. Her biggest joy in life is sharing time with her only grandchild, Ryan. Their relationship is extra special, just as Jeanne is. Thank you for honoring my friend. You have brought tears to my eyes. There is a special place in heaven for people like Jeanne. God bless.

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