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Again, OneDigital Takes the Road Less Traveled

By now, many in our industry have heard and perhaps even commented on the strategic alignment between OneDigital and Zenefits. It is an exciting opportunity for our firm and a meaningful evolution in the way in which we intend to deliver software to our clients.

It has been close to a year of discussions and diligence around technology, operational structures, competitive dynamics and the cultural fit between OneDigital and Zenefits. Like many of you, we had to overcome our initial thoughts of Zenefits as the competition, and an innovative organization that lacked leadership and proprietary boundaries.

We are entering into this partnership with Zenefits because of their people, their culture and their technology. Their teams are smart, passionate and humble. Their technology is evolved, and puts the client at the center of the equation, just like our benefits consulting. This formula works for us when it comes to finding alignment in the marketplace with a partner.

Working with Zenefits is a reflection of OneDigital’s commitment to pushing the envelope and reimagining the human capital management experience.

Throughout this firm’s history, we’ve made it a priority to stay ahead of the curve and execute game-changing solutions. Prior to this partnership, we’ve managed software vendor relationships like Plan Source and Employee Navigator and have even invested in our own solution with an incredibly cutting edge team, GoCo. We humbly concluded that OneDigital’s rapid growth means we must continue to evolve our technology strategy to serve our clients in the way they require.

This partnership with Zenefits allows us to take our technology approach to the next level—uniquely balancing technology and benefits consulting that our industry has yet to see.

This partnership is about two firms investing together to bring software and benefits advisory services to clients in the small and mid-sized market segments. It is about integrating platforms to change the value proposition for our clients and economic model of the industry. It sets the bar for how firms need to align to leverage software development and deployment and the regulatory and geographic complexities of human capital management.

Today, cloud based software meets local advisory services in a new and impactful way. It remains to be seen if we can truly move market share, but I like our chances together much more than I do apart.