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[Video] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR: Why Should I Care?

As the roles of HR professionals continue to expand, so do the expectations of their respective organizations.

This trend explains why HR professionals are spending an unthinkable amount of time and energy completing day-to-day responsibilities. Often these tasks interfere greatly with their primary focus of ensuring effective organizational management takes place.

Anne Gilson, Regional Managing Director, HR Consulting, at OneDigital Mid-Atlantic, shares why companies—small and large—are jumping at the opportunity to invest in adaptive machine-learning technology tools to tackle these labor-intensive, complex HR practices, known by most as artificial intelligence (AI).

Click on the video above in the header to hear Anne briefly explain how AI is revolutionizing critical dimensions of HR, like talent acquisition, onboarding, retention and training.

With AI assistance, HR professionals can expect to find relief based on tools that can perform the following:

  • Programs that read and evaluate applicants in record time—making the pool of highly qualified candidates smaller and easier to analyze
  • Differentiated onboarding procedures for all new-hires based on their positions
  • Self-analyzing software that determines employee satisfaction, engagement and answers FAQs in real time
  • Smart systems that plan and coordinate training programs to fit the preferences of the individual employee

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can revolutionize and streamline the day-to-day HR tasks to better serve the HR professional, consider registering for the AI webinar led by Anne Gilson on August 23rd.

Register for the upcoming webinar: 2018 Human Resource Webinar Series: Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources


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