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Alliance Partnerships: How It Works

What is an Alliance Partnership:

Alliance Partners leverage OneDigital's employee benefits infrastructure as their own, maximizing their ability to compete and grow their employee benefits business. You leverage us as an asset of your firm, helping you serve your existing clients and close new business with one of the deepest capability sets in the industry, including:

  • Digital Benefits Marketplace, our Private Exchange
  • Access to Our Compliance Team
  • Proprietary Products
  • Customer Advocate Center Serving Employees of Your Groups
  • And much more

Alliance Partnerships: Collaborate to Compete and WIN

Leverage our Sales, Account Management and Leadership  to benefit your agency and your clients. This is especially useful when going after larger customers that may not work with a smaller local agency, regardless of your ability, expertise and relationship.

Develop a marketing plan to sell employee benefits into your existing client relationships, and cultivate new opportunities, including:

  • Invite your clients and prospects to local seminars and national webinars
  • Identify and target specific clients with custom offers
  • Accessing automated lead nurturing capabilities
  • Cross sell proprietary products into your existing employee benefits book

Assessing the Alliance Partnership Fit
Do Any of the Following Statements Apply to Your Company?

  • An enhanced solution set could accelerate our employee benefits growth
  • Employee Benefits is not our core business and we are open to learning about new ways of doing business
  • We aren’t winning our share of business 50+ lives even though we have the contacts
  • We aren’t sure how competitive our offering is in the market relative to the competition
  • We have one to several larger cases that are mainly relationship based and at risk to competition

If any of these statements apply to you, let’s have a conversation. Contact Jeff Yamin, VP, Partnerships & Acquisitions