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Not Ready To Sell? Does A Partnership Make Sense?

We currently work with hundreds of P&C, agencies, financial services firms, and employee benefits agencies. As an agency owner, executive, or producer, perhaps the following market observations and the opportunity to collaborate will resonate with you:

Employee benefits growth has proven to be elusive for the employee benefits departments inside of many agencies. PPACA, increasing competition, new options for employers, and declining commission rates have all contributed to make the benefits business a far more challenging and oftentimes less profitable business than it was just a few years ago.

The level of complexity and change has left many agencies exposed because they don’t have the depth of resources needed in today’s environment. This includes exposure to competition, E&O risk, and also to reputational risk if clients realize they aren’t getting the advice and value that is available from the top benefit advisory firms. However, this value is getting very hard for smaller agencies to deliver.

Many local agencies have turned to us to deploy our employee benefits suite of services to their current client base, helping them strengthen relationships while taking work out of their agency. At the same time, by leveraging OneDigital’s services for prospects, agencies are more are finding exciting new opportunities for growth, especially when it comes to helping you keep and land larger case business (50+ lives).

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