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Anne Gilson Discusses How to Overhaul Your Organization’s Sexual Harassment Policies for the Better with BenefitsPRO

With the prevalence of the #MeToo movement in the media, human resource departments may feel the increasing need to revisit sexual harassment policies.

Sometimes refreshing existing policies is not enough to ensure they address diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace.

Often, a complete overhaul is essential in keeping your organization and employees protected. OneDigital Mid-Atlantic Director of Business Development and HR Consulting Anne Gilson, explains how fear is often a necessary driver of change for many of these companies, in the article “5 Questions to Help Guide the Overhaul of Your Sexual Harassment Policies” by BenefitsPRO.

History shows that corporate policies surrounding sexual harassment have often taken a backseat to other – seemingly more “pressing” – corporate needs. The antiquated practices of yesterday are increasingly subjecting companies to liability, defamation and possible litigation. The right kinds of behaviors and workforce management policies must become a part of the overall culture and corporate strategy. It’s what consumers are demanding and is becoming a driving factor in an employee’s decision to work for or stay with an organization.
— Anne Gilson, Director, Business Development and HR Consulting, OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

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To learn more about best practices around sexual harassment policies and find out how your organization's policies compare, reach out to your OneDigital representative.


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