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Anne Gilson Featured in Fast Company Discussing Worst Practices Bosses Should Abandon

An organization’s best practices can be extraordinarily effective in saving time, frustration and resources but it’s especially important to revisit and update regularly.

These processes should be dynamic, improving and evolving with time. If they remain stale, it can have the opposite effect even resulting in loss of innovative, creative thinking and increased turnover rates. Regional Managing Director of HR Consulting Anne Gilson at OneDigital Mid-Atlantic, sheds light on an ineffective yet commonly practiced workplace habit – the annual performance review – sharing why the practice is detrimental to your employees and your company’s success in the article “5 Common Worst Practices Bosses Need to Abandon Now” published in Fast Company. Anne stresses the copious amount of time spent on these annual reviews that produce skewed results and demoralized employees.

If your company is still holding the annual performance review, stop. The leader rates more on their own performance than the employee’s, and the most recent events impact the rating than the full performance period. It takes time, the ratings are not real, and the employee often feels confused, offended, or unmotivated by the performance discussion. Instead, performance conversations need to be radically frequent. Ask questions; how is the work going, how the leader can help; what is the employee working on that supports their development and desires.
Anne Gilson, Regional Managing Director of HR Consulting, OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

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