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Annette Bechtold Sheds Light on Potential Outcome of Healthcare Landscape

A federal court judge’s decision in Texas this December on the unconstitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) left many wondering what this may mean for the future of the healthcare industry.

If the ruling to eradicate the ACA holds up, states could be given more power and choice, creating many different healthcare “landscapes” across the country. Annette Bechtold, SVP of regulatory affairs and reform initiatives at OneDigital, foresees changes in the healthcare industry dependent upon different factors, a few being the timing of the rulings, the portion of the ACA that is repealed and future intentions of the federal and state legislative bodies. In the article “Healthcare 'Landscapes' May Change” published in, Bechtold dives deeper into the process of an ACA repeal and its subsequent implications on the healthcare industry.

Would there be changes ahead? Absolutely. Contemplating how it might look is difficult because the outcome hinges not only on the elimination of the ACA and its timing but the future actions of both the federal and state legislative and regulatory bodies. As we’ve already seen, one size doesn’t fit all, so I anticipate we may see a lot of different landscapes as states customize laws for their constituents.
Annette Bechtold, SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives at OneDigital

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