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Annette Bechtold Talks with Healthcare Business Today About 2019 Healthcare Policy

As the 116th newly elected Congress begins this month, there are almost 100 first time Senators and Representatives with new focuses on educational priorities and legislation.

The country’s attention will be directed to the rulings related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and potentially a greater emphasis will be placed on regulation at the state and federal level. OneDigital’s SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives Annette Bechtold mentions the possible impact of a significantly more diverse Congress in her byline “The Healthcare Policy Outlook for 2019” published in Healthcare Business Today, which she speculates will yield different outcomes than we’ve seen before. While it’s too early to know how the new Congress will interact, it will soon become evident if they are able to find areas of the ACA where they share common ground.

One thing remains—healthcare and health insurance are still top of mind for lawmakers, regulators and their constituents. The most interesting solutions will be those where healthcare innovation, regulation, expanded choice and lower costs meet. Affordability and effectiveness are key. Lastly, involvement with our state and federal regulators is necessary to create the policies and climate to improve healthcare’s current landscape.
Annette Bechtold, SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives, OneDigital

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In this period of uncertainty and transition, we deliver peace of mind by serving as steady, thoughtful and forward-thinking experts looking around the corner to deliver peace of mind when it comes to staying compliant. Visit the ACA Watch page for the latest healthcare updates.


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