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April Husted Talks to Atlanta Business Chronicle About Employee Benefits That Appeal to a Post-Pandemic Workforce

The recent federal vaccine requirement mandate issued by the White House has large employers worried about retaining top talent amid an already tight labor market.

According to a survey from the SHRM, 9 in 10 large employers believe part of their workforce will quit because of the mandates. Additionally, two-thirds of employers surveyed said they cannot afford to pay for weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees.

OneDigital’s April Husted joined the Atlanta Business Chronicle Healthcare Forum virtual panel, moderated by former Bloomberg Senior Editor Anita Sharpe, to discuss critical considerations for employers navigating vaccine mandates, COVID-19 testing, and other benefits considerations for a post-pandemic workforce to help retain employees.

April warns that employees have gotten used to testing, social distancing, being masked and being outdoors but, as workers are in demand, those who disagree with some COVID-19 protocols could be apt to get another job. Although employers may be providing additional funding to support the family's premium, those with single coverage overall have a lower financial cost with payroll deductions and plan costs.

We are in a labor market where any neg or any disadvantage over another employer could put you at risk of retaining the people you need to run your business. Employers need to decide what’s essential [to them in their company culture].
April Husted, Managing Principal, OneDigital Georgia

Read the Atlanta Business Chronicle article here.

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