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As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I Know Support Is Crucial

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The breast cancer awareness campaign is incredibly important, spreading the word about early detection, screening, treatment options, and support. The campaign also hits close to home for me, as I am a breast cancer survivor myself.

Hearing the diagnosis can leave you in shock, wondering, “What happens now?”

In addition to undergoing treatments, I was busy balancing my family, work, bills and on top of it all insurance explanation of benefits (EOB’s). I had mounting medical bills coming from all directions. The health navigator offered by the cancer center was most helpful in understanding my treatment options and giving me an added layer of support but I still lacked support and assistance with understanding and managing my medical bills.

I am proud to work for a company that recognized the struggles of dealing with health insurance and bills and decided to do something about it. The OneDigital Health and Benefits Special Opportunity Services (SOS) program provides peace of mind to our clients and their employees who find themselves overwhelmed by special circumstances. As part of our SOS program, OneDigital gets approval to work directly with medical carriers. Our team cuts through red tape and deciphers medical paperwork, letting employees focus on healing and family. OneDigital makes sure bills and insurance payments are accurate.

When facing breast cancer, the last thing I wanted to deal with were questions of disability, finance, was my insurance paying the right amount, were hospitals charging too much, was paperwork filed correctly, etc. No one wants to receive confusing EOB’s or notices of something not being covered, then waiting on hold to work it out with the insurance company and hospital. Programs like the OneDigital SOS program provide a life-line for people in difficult circumstances.

If you’re wondering what you can do to help your employees, SHRM has an excellent article offering some suggestions to support employees with cancer.

Three areas of support SHRM mentions are:

  1. Determining which treatment is most appropriate and how it can be provided.
  2. Understanding health care, disability and other employer-provided benefits.
  3. Dealing with the emotional impact of the disease.

OneDigital is here to partner with you in supporting your employees. Having experienced the struggle with breast cancer myself years ago, I know the value of a dedicated service team.  I wish I had this service available to me when I was going through this life-changing diagnosis.


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