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Building an Enterprise to Deliver Financial Wellbeing to Millions

Although we make financial decisions daily, less than half of America’s states require students to take a course on personal finance.

Lack of understanding of financial literacy topics such as interest rates, savings, loans, investments, and long-term financial planning is a substantial barrier to economic opportunity and mobility.

In a recent feature for RIA Citywire, Vince Morris shared his bold plan to combat lacking financial education and reach more Americans with these critical skills by making financial planning an employee benefit. In the article ‘Rebuilding Retirement: Inside Vince Morris’s Bold Plan to Offer Retirement Planning to More Americans,’ Morris previews OneDigital’s merger & acquisition strategy, noting that the 33 acquisitions of retirement + wealth firms since 2020 aim to create brick-and-mortar officers to help advocate for employers to set up 401(k) plans covering their employees, and then provide plan participants with advice and financial planning.

We oversee one-million-plus participants in all our plans. How do I get advice to one million people? I have to do that in a scalable, enterprise way...All the surveys and data show people want that advice through their employer. We could reach so many more people that way.
Vince Morris, President, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth

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