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Celebrating Our Local Healthcare Heroes

When you think of the word hero, someone in particular likely comes to mind.

It may be a parent or a famous idol but some of us don’t give enough consideration to the healthcare professionals acting as heroes and that are a part of our lives every day.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Healthcare Heroes Awards Finalists ceremony, where two of our clients were recognized for their hard work and leadership in the healthcare community.

The event was sponsored by the Hartford Business Journal and brought to light all the ways we, as professionals, contribute to the improvement of our healthcare system as a whole. Whether you are working as an emergency room nurse in areas of disaster relief, a phlebotomist helping to calm a pediatric patient before a procedure, a customer support specialist in a hospital billing department, or an insurance broker helping to mitigate the rising healthcare costs and resulting burden on employees, there is one underlying theme: we are all working to provide access to quality care in times of need.

I have been volunteering at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) once a week for almost a year and upon each visit have witnessed these healthcare heroes in action. While some patients only spend a day or two at CCMC, there are several who are there on a long-term basis.

The staff dedicates their time and energy to provide a positive experience for both patients and families facing some of the most difficult times that they may ever experience.

They schedule various events like pajama parties, art projects, and even a superhero dress up day. The Child Life Department hosts a Bingo night on each of the surgery floors for patients, family members and visitors alike to get together, have some fun, and by way of the generous contributions, provide a little something special for each one of the patients.

During the season of giving, OneDigital emphasizes the concept of generosity. Together, our team donated gift certificates to distribute to patients participating in Bingo night, exercising great generosity for those less fortunate and helping to provide light in times of great darkness. On behalf of OneDigital, I’d like to thank our entire community of healthcare heroes, for your tremendous work, wish you the best holiday season and a happy new year.


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