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Celebrating Women in Business at OneDigital

On International Women’s Day, we’re taking a closer look at OneDigital’s female-centric statistics and pausing to reflect on the significant impact women make on this company every day.

At OneDigital, we celebrate the contributions of women to drive the business forward and honor the variety of perspectives necessary to create positive change for both our employees and our customers. This year, we’re highlighting a few pieces of compelling content, authored by OneDigital women that are pushing the envelope when it comes to advancements in work-life balance, equality and diversity both inside and outside of the company.

  • What is Your Company Doing to Prevent Pay Equity Discrepancies?
    Stacy Strauser, Director of Compensation Consulting, OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

    The #MeToo movement has become a very prevalent topic in the media over the last year. Gender-based wage discrimination claims are steadily climbing as employers scramble to tackle allegations. There is still a great deal that must be done to address inequalities in the workplace and while some companies already have a pulse on the issue, the vast majority of companies across the country need to develop a strategy to combat the pay equity discrepancy issue directly. Click to read more…

  • The Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace
    Ugochi Dinnea, HR Consultant, OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

    Diversity and inclusion are not just compliance-related initiatives. They have the power to drive economic growth and business objectives, disrupt cultural norms and highlight hidden talent in the workplace. A substantial body of research on diversity and inclusion backing the advantages of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, makes it more critical than ever to adopt a thoughtful strategy to enhance and support diversity in your organization. Click here to read more…

  • 4 Family-Friendly Benefits on the Rise
    Maggie Castellanos, Benefits Consultant, OneDigital Southeast

    Millennials account for the largest generation in the workforce, and an increasing number of employees in this generation are choosing to postpone parenthood. They are arriving at this decision for a number of reasons, such as overwhelming student loan debt and wanting more time for travel and career development. Yet, this can bring on a new set of complications due to the loss of fertility as humans age. Both men and women experience some form of reduced fertility after they reach their mid-30’s. Click here to read more…

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