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Cheers To OneDigital And Wheeler Clinic!

As working professionals, we all go through the same daily priorities – get to work on time, put in a full day, manage the household, run errands, pay bills, all while trying to make time for hobbies (which often get pushed to the bottom of our priority list).

Our team painting the Wheeler Clinic School's fence.

Needless to say, balancing work and life can be overwhelming. With everything going on in our daily routines, I think it’s safe to say many of us don’t factor in time for giving back to the community. In fact, we often don’t recognize the great effect community service can truly have.

As part of OneDigital Farmington's annual tradition, we chose one of our nonprofit clients as the recipient of a day dedicated to community service. This year, our team took a break from the chaos of renewal season to volunteer our services to an organization that works extensively with the community – the Wheeler Clinic. You may have seen Wheeler Clinic billboards on the highway, or noticed one of their buildings while driving by, but may not be aware of the tremendous impact their contributions have on the community. Wheeler Clinic fosters positive change through substance abuse and mental health counseling, early childhood education, as well as delivering primary care to those in need.

Dawn, Tim, Emma, and Kameron with OneDigital's school supply drive donations!

To show our appreciation for this amazing organization, the OneDigital team spent the day painting two fences at the Wheeler Clinic School in Plainville, CT as well as other parts of the building that were in need of a little TLC. What a difference a little bit of paint, hard work and a few hours can make! This endeavor was a gratifying experience for all of us because it helped to create a more vibrant environment for the students, teachers and administration. In addition to our painting services, Ovation hosted a school supply drive to donate to Wheeler Clinic. Let me tell you – we have quite an impressive team of employees. Several of my colleagues went above and beyond, clearing out local Walgreen's stores to contribute to the cause.

Cheers to my colleagues Tim, Dawn, Kameron, the Wheeler Clinic team, and the entire OneDigital Farmington staff for making this day a huge success!