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Chris Thurin, Managing Principal of OneDigital Southern California Featured in SHRM

Although technology has changed the entire benefits industry, and often replaced functions that were once performed by a person, many employees still prefer speaking with a live benefits professional by phone rather than using self-services websites.

Smart use of technology can free up HR to spend more time in personal consultation with employees addressing issues that matter most to them. Chris Thurin, Managing Principal at OneDigital Southern California, shares how technology actually created the opportunity for more of a human touch in the article by Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), How to Humanize Benefits Communications with Technology.

It's not about technology replacing the personal touch, it's about technology enabling the personal touch," said Chris Thurin, a managing principal at OneDigital, a benefits advisory firm in Atlanta. "The time HR spends educating employees on benefits issues can be more meaningful and impactful when employees already arrive with a base level of knowledge through well-designed, technology-delivered options. It allows for more substantive conversations where HR can act as an advisor, rather than just regurgitating basic information."

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