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Coffee with Joe: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It has been about a month now since Massachusetts lifted all restrictions for businesses. During the last 30 days, I have made a concerted effort to get out of the house a few times a week and see people… in person.

I must say, it has been refreshing.

I’ve met colleagues in the office to catch up and collaborate, as well as old contacts of mine within my network for coffee and lunch. I even attended a Bruins playoff game and the Garden was rocking like it was January 2020—so awesome to see.

There is no disputing that the last year and a half has been challenging for all of us. With what felt like the snap of a finger, we were suddenly confined to our homes, and forced to adapt to a new working environment.

And we did.

Sure, it took some getting used to, but Zoom & Teams became the norm. Many businesses were hit hard and are still working to get back to their pre-pandemic operations, but many were able to maintain effective communication and structured meeting schedules with colleagues and customers via these platforms.

What I’ve realized is Zoom, Teams, Slack, etc. are here to stay, and that is a good thing. Because of these tools, we can “meet” with more customers in a given day and be efficient with our time.

However, I firmly believe that these platforms will never replace the impact of face-to-face interaction. Much of my job is about listening to my customers and figuring out how we can help their business thrive. Over the last month, I have visited customers onsite, met prospects at networking events and for coffee, played golf with vendors, and even attended a party at a colleague’s house.

Key take away from all of these outings? Humans love to interact with other humans! It’s hard to truly pick up on someone’s personality through a computer screen or try to read their body language. It’s not natural. As a result, I’m finding that those who are willing to meet in person are genuinely enjoying the interaction and discussion.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. My goal is to figure out how my team at OneDigital can assist your organization with employee benefits needs (health, wealth, HR and retirement). In my opinion, though, all great relationships and business partnerships start by shaking hands and perhaps breaking bread.

So with that… if you are open to it, and comfortable meeting in person at this point, the next cup of coffee, lunch, dinner, is on me! Let’s get together, face-to-face, and catch up.

Oh… and then, tell me a little bit about your employee benefits program… I know we can help.


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