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Combat the Turnover Tsunami by Leveraging Competitive Benefits

Employees are leaving their jobs in records numbers, with the highest quit rate recorded in the first quarter of the year and more than half of employees plan on looking for new jobs in 2021.

This voluntary turnover is predicted to increase even further as we emerge from the pandemic driven largely by disengagement, burnout and inadequate compensation and benefits. However, as we return to pre-pandemic levels of supply and demand issues, forward-thinking employers are seizing this opportunity to overcome their workplace challenges and embrace a culture that promotes balance, recognition, listens to employees and puts people first.

View the employer advisory session, Combat the Turnover Tsunami by Leveraging Competitive Benefits to discover how high-value employee benefits can make a difference in the battle to fight the oncoming turnover tide. During the session, our HR leaders discussed:

  • The function of benefits as a part of total compensation.
  • How developing a total compensation plan can attract and retain talent.
  • Leveraging your benefits package to combat the new wave of turnovers.
  • Communicating total compensation for current employees and strategies for candidates.

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