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A Cost Containment Wake-Up Call: Why Plan Members are Suing Their Employers

The emerging trend of health plan fiduciary lawsuits could pose legal, financial, and reputational risks to employers.

Novel lawsuits filed against the Johnson & Johnson corporation and Mayo Clinic in 2024 are putting a fresh focus on the obligations of health and pharmacy plan sponsors. While the outcome of these lawsuits is yet to be determined, they open up a possibility that employers who do not take sufficient action to contain plan costs will be exposed to increased legal risk in the years ahead.

In this discussion, our compliance, benefits, and pharmacy consulting leaders unpack the following topics:

  • A summary of recent health plan fiduciary lawsuits and their potential implications for plan sponsors
  • An examination of what these developments mean for the pharma industry
  • An overview of fiduciary obligations and best practices for plan sponsors
  • Actionable cost containment policies that health and pharma plan sponsors can implement


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