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COVID-19 Advisory Session - Vermont: Preparing Your Business for the "New Normal"

The Toolkit for Rebooting Your Workforce

We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways. We have been working with employers for the past 8 weeks supporting them on how to navigate workforce management, business support and benefits/HR related inquiries and issues. Now we're seeing a shift in interests, receiving questions from employers with a focus on how to go about “rebooting” their businesses and eventually bringing employees back to the workplace.

This session focuses on the variety of strategies, considerations and protocols that should be considered as we enter the next phase of this crisis and the possible “new normal."

Moderated by Managing Principal, Sena Meilleur and Regional Director of Marketing & Senior HR Partner, Nancy Saperstone, our in-house experts Amy Scannell, Vice President of Human Resources Consulting, and Stephanie Bettinelli, Principal HR Specialty Services review the Rebooting Your Workforce Toolkit, and address employer's questions about best practices for rebooting their businesses.