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Principal and Senior Client Executive, Dan Maass, Shares How Employers Can Maximize Results

As employers continue to endure challenges related to high inflation rates and a cascade of workforce changes, their leadership and decision choices are pivotal to developing an impactful total rewards program.

Today's employer and employee relationship has fundamentally changed due to the different employee expectations and needs. Employers must evolve their benefits strategies alongside the workforce to set their organization up for success and make their investments more valuable.

In an interview with American Healthcare Leader, Dan Maass, Principal and Senior Client Executive out of OneDigital's West Region, shares his experience and employee benefits strategies to help employers maximize the results of their total rewards program investments.

Employees want to find and align with companies that are attentive to the social issues they care about, and a complete benefits program helps employers compete for talent as they think about not only recruitment but also ongoing employee satisfaction.
Dan Maass, Principal and Senior Client Executive, OneDigital West Region

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Maass shares the importance of proactively addressing the environmental factors affecting the workforce through data-driven tactics such as predictive modeling, benchmarking and analyzing claims and utilization data to avoid late-stage surprises while meeting employee expectations.

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