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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In light of recent national events that have brought stark racial inequalities to the forefront of the conversation, organizations everywhere are navigating and facilitating unfamiliar discussions between leadership, employees and customers.

To bring light to this conversation, we were fortunate enough to have Simone Morris, CEO of Simone Morris Enterprise LLC, join us on the podcast to discuss diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. She brings her wealth of knowledge from her career as an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader, to discuss with us what types of conversations need to be had in the workplace, who should be leading the charge on those discussions, and what organizations can do to best demonstrate their support for diversity and inclusion. The second half of this episode was recorded a few months back and highlights the power behind a D&I strategy and how HR can help influence a more inclusive culture. A must-listen-to episode.

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Simone Morris, MBA, PMP

CEO at Simone Morris Enterprise & Carrier/Inclusion Strategist

Simone Morris is an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader, consultant and speaker committed to diversifying the workplace, and training women and emerging leaders to take true leadership positions in all aspects of their lives. Ms. Morris serves as a pro-bono coach for the Stand Beside Them non-profit organization providing career coaching to those returning from the Military. She is also a supporter of the Women’s Mentoring Network, providing scholarships for their clients to attend her retreats and workshops to improve their lives.


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