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Dr. Marie Moore Talks to Healthcare Business Today About Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million workers suffer from depression.

More often than not, when mental health illnesses go untreated, significant problems can erupt in the workplace and can manifest in the form of absenteeism and lack of energy and engagement. Although there has been more talk of mental health in recent years, employers and HR teams can still do more to support their employees and fellow co-workers. By creating an authentic, judgement-free environment where employees feel safe, they will be able to come to terms with their struggles and accept the help necessary to feel better. OneDigital’s Employee Advocacy Specialist Dr. Marie Moore at OneDigital Southern California stresses the importance of destigmatizing mental illnesses and inviting conversation to effectively give empathy to those in need in her recent byline, “Five Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace” published in Healthcare Business Today.

By teaching and training employees about mental illness and highlighting how it is a condition like any other medical condition, employers can greatly destigmatize mental illness within the organization. Companies need to create a safe, judgement-free environment where employees feel comfortable disclosing a mental health problem in themselves or another colleague and feel as though their employer is equipped to provide effective support.
Dr. Marie Moore, Employee Advocacy Specialist, OneDigital Southern California

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Want to know more about ways to create a workplace of acceptance? Check out Marie Moore’s article: 7 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace. To find out more about developing a strategy to address mental health issues in the workplace and combat the stigmas reach out to your OneDigital Consultant.