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Elizabeth Chrane Featured in Inc. for Women’s Equality Day

The pandemic has uprooted the lives of many. As we celebrate Women's Equality Day, leaders must acknowledge that the pandemic is still threatening the role of women in the workplace.

There is growing concern that gender-based inequalities have reemerged due to COVID-19, reversing progress on gender equality and sustainable development goals. OneDigital's Chief People Officer Elizabeth Chrane talks with Inc. about how employers can address the current childcare burden on working women in the recent article, 5 Things Leaders Can Do to Support Women in the Workplace.

Many parents are struggling to find time for full-time jobs, childcare and education, and, unfortunately, working mothers are taking on the brunt of the burden. Employers are also wondering how to strike the right balance of showing empathy, allowing for flexibility and driving productivity in a time of economic crisis. The pressure and lack of options and support are causing many women to consider exiting the workforce. This could be a major setback for all of the recent advances in women's equality and it's imperative that corporate leaders focus on more creative solutions.
– Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer

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This is an opportunity for companies to adopt gender-inclusive and family-friendly workplace policies and practices, including flexible work arrangements that can disrupt gender stereotypes, change traditional narratives, and encourage a more balanced share of care and family responsibilities. Learn more about how organizations can support working parents, and women, by registering for our upcoming advisory session, How Employers Can Support Working Parents on August 27.