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Elizabeth Chrane Talks With Inc. About Leadership Strategies to Empower Women in the Workplace

The pandemic disrupted almost every single aspect of our lives and hugely impacted the workplace but since February 2020, it's women who have disproportionately lost over 5.3 million jobs.

This Women’s Equality Day, it’s critical to examine what it means to create an equitable workplace, be equitable leaders and understand how to effectively support women in returning to the labor force even as we face The Great Resignation. OneDigital’s Chief People Officer Elizabeth Chrane talks with Inc. about how employers can support women returning to the workplace, in the article “5 Leadership Strategies to Help Women Prosper in the Workplace.”

Home-life requirements of women have morphed during this time. Leaders need to place importance on gender diversity, equity, and inclusion, and make cultural and benefits enhancements to welcome women back. New community channels such as Employee Resource Groups, transitioning to a flexible working environment, women-led mentorship opportunities, and financial assistance programs are all important in creating the best environment for female team members to return to and feel supported.
Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer, OneDigital

Read the Inc. article here.

This is an opportunity for companies to adopt family-friendly and gender-inclusive workplace policies and practices, including flexible work arrangements that can respond to what women need from employers today and encourage a more balanced work life. Learn more about how organizations can support working parents, and women, by registering for the advisory session, How Employers Can Support Working Parents.