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Embracing Corporate Responsibility: A Message from OneDigital’s Chief People Officer

*As of 7/30/20

As demonstrations continue across the country in reaction to decades of racial injustice, OneDigital’s priority on supporting our people and providing peace of mind in uncertain times has never been more important.

In taking action to embrace the responsibility we have as an employer, I am pleased to announce that we are making some changes to our long-standing OneDigital DASH 5k fundraiser. This year, we will be scaling the virtual event across our entire OneDigital footprint and will be allocating 50% of the funds raised to specific diversity, equity and inclusion-focused organizations.

To provide additional guidance for our customers, we are hosting a secondary employer advisory session dedicated to addressing racial inequities in the workplace this Thursday, July 30. Lead by own HR Consultants and DE&I-focused leaders, this session will be a facilitated discussion of how leaders can lay the groundwork for real change in their workplaces. Click here to register.

*As of 6/17/20

As an organization, OneDigital’s priority has always focused on supporting our people and providing peace of mind in uncertain times. A commitment to action and social responsibility has never been more critical than now. In that light, OneDigital will be offering our 2,100 employees paid time off on Friday, June 19th, in observance of Juneteenth, acknowledging the day as a corporate holiday ahead of a federal law coming into place. This will allow our employees to collectively reflect on their past, take action in our present and engage in community service.

For a complete list of companies and local businesses pledging their support of black businesses and observing Juneteenth, click here.



The past few weeks have been severely painful for the Black community. The violent acts and subsequent events that have ensued through protests across our country shows how much work we must do to build a stronger, equal, and safer society.

No corporation, including OneDigital, is immune from the challenges caused by racial bias, and we are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. As we stand together with the Black community against racism, intolerance and hate, we are reminded that while speaking out is an integral part of this process, words without action are not enough. I want to thank everyone at OneDigital who has spoken up about racism. Our Black employees have shown openness, grace and vulnerability as they have taken time to share their personal stories. I have a greater understanding of the courage it takes to speak out in your place of employment for fear of discrimination, feelings of isolation when you look around the room and no one looks like you, feeling pressure to educate others when it shouldn’t be your responsibility.

Our support of one another, the way we collaborate and the way we openly and boldly share our perspectives, is a result of our inclusive culture and are fundamental to OneDigital’s core values. Taking care of our people and putting their wellbeing above all else is the cornerstone of our foundation. It drives our ability to attract and retain the best talent while creating an engaged and committed workforce that enhances our contributions to our communities and clients we serve.

In March of 2019, OneDigital launched a series of Employee Resource Groups, intended to provide a safe and confidential space for employees to connect through common interests and viewpoints. The current groups, LGBTQIA+ Network, Remote Employee Network, Multicultural Network, Veterans Network and Women’s Network, provide an avenue for employees to build new relationships, educate one another, and understand each other at a deeper level. I am proud of the work these groups have achieved thus far, bringing awareness to important issues within our employee base.

However, recent events have made it extremely clear we can and we must do more. A simple scan of our leadership teams across the country reveals that the Black population is severely underrepresented in our organization and the insurance industry overall — especially in the management ranks. As an industry, we have a lot of work to do to right size the imbalance.

While right now, we don't have all the answers, we are committed to listening, taking action, and to solving this problem."

I am incredibly proud of our workforce and HR experts as they have been supporting our customers in identifying inequalities. Amidst a pandemic, our customers are navigating how to identify inequalities in their businesses, navigate unfamiliar conversations, and ensure their businesses embrace diversity and inclusion in new ways.

Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace the responsibility we have as an employer. In doing so, we have identified key areas we plan to address in developing long-term impact and positive change:


  • Understanding exactly where we are now so that we can measure and share progress.


  • Take a more disciplined approach to building a diverse pipeline of potential hires and increase our investment in diversifying our talent pool.


  • Continue our Matching Gifts program that supports all employees' areas of interest; and increase fundraising committed to organizations dedicated to fighting racism and inequality.


  • Increase our efforts to educate all our employees on issues regarding race, inclusion and belonging. This includes being more vigorous in our understanding and application of how diverse teams contribute to success on many levels.


  • Fostering greater opportunity, development and advancement opportunities for our minority groups.

At OneDigital, we are committed to making lasting change internally and externally. While we may not have all the answers right now, we know the path forward commands these courageous conversations with one another. To that end, I can promise one thing – we are committed to taking action.

For additional guidance, I encourage you to watch the on-demand webinar, “Action in Times of Crisis: Facilitated Discussion About Racial Inequity,” a facilitated conversation led by a OneDigital expert with community business leaders as they explore how to have the necessary conversations to begin making progress toward racial equality in the workplace.