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Emily Bailey Highlights Impact of Fringe Benefits on Multigenerational Workforce in BenefitsPRO

With five generations in today’s modern workforce, employers are faced with an added layer of complexity when it comes to managing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Not to mention the daunting task of developing benefits offerings that attract and retain a wide variety of talent with differing expectations and values – it can seem nearly impossible. OneDigital Hartford’s Managing Principal Emily Bailey is featured in BenefitsPRO in her byline, “The Keys to a 5-Generation Workforce? Fringe Benefits and Personalized Options” discussing fringe benefits as a method of appealing to multiple generations. Fringe benefits allow for further personalization of perks and offerings and allow the employer to supplement their existing program often without the additional cost.

Benefits such as tuition reimbursement, accident insurance, pet insurance, PTO purchase and paid family leave are popular amongst younger generations. Providing benefits that will please all five workplace generations is not an easy task but, these steps will help to reach your goal to meet employee’s needs and attract and retain the best and brightest talent.
Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Hartford

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