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Emily Bailey Talks to HR Dive About Engaging a Millennial Workforce

Although they represent the largest generational group in the workforce, Millennials are reportedly the most difficult for employers to engage, according to a recent brief published by Speakap.

In general, millennials seem less interested in products, drawn more to experiences, are more likely to be idealistic rather than pragmatic and have no tolerance for subpar experience – regardless of whether those are coming from a brand they’re engaging with or their employer.

When it comes to attracting and engaging millennials in benefits offerings, one approach that has proven to be especially effective is personalization. In an interview last year, Managing Principal Emily Bailey at OneDigital Hartford explained the major differences between how millennials select benefits and the excerpt was recently featured in the HR Dive article “Millennials are HR's Biggest Challenge in the Multi-Gen Workplace.”

Younger workers are more likely to pass on voluntary benefits and opt for those that meet a more immediate need, such as tuition reimbursement or remote-work options. Personalization reportedly has high appeal among millennials, especially when the concept is applied to benefits.
Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Hartford

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