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Emily Bailey Talks to HRO Today on Combatting Generational Differences

For the first time in history, there are currently five generations in the workplace.

With this, employers and HR teams must take on the daunting task of deciphering the wants and needs of each generation in order to cultivate happy, engaged employeesRecently, the phrase, “Ok Boomer” hagained traction in the mainstream rhetoric, adding fuel to an already complex relationship between generations. 

OneDigital Connecticut’s Managing Principal Emily Bailey explains how employers need to look past the generational gaps and focus on creating a workplace of collaboration to positively affect engagement in the recent article, “Decreasing the Generational Divide,” featured in HRO Today. 

Simply caring about your corporate culture and thinking about ways you can engage your population and bring generations together in some fashion is a great start, If you can find a way to connect and engage all of these generations so they’re working together and seeing the value in one another, it’s all that much easier to build.”

— Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Connecticut  

Read the entire HRO Today article here. 

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