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Employer Advisory Podcast | Health Care Happenings

2021 Capitol Conference Recap  

The health care industry and benefits landscape are continually evolving and there’s never a dull moment. But health care costs continue to escalate, and while the pandemic upended certain expenses for a time, large employers in the U.S. expect benefits costs will rise 5.3 percent in 2021. It’s clear there is much work to be done to address this unsustainable increase and improve the health care experience.

Our compliance leaders have a unique passion for innovating in this space and offer novel and practical solutions to help organizations navigate this complex environment and make a long-term impact.

During the inaugural episode of Health Care Happenings, an Employer Advisory Podcast, OneDigital’s compliance leaders share their dedication for advancing the political health care landscape, their recent virtual visit to the Hill and discussions with Congress about what the most pressing topics are for employers. Tune in for the lighthearted banter, stay for the critical intel around the latest developments around the COVID-19 crisis, market stabilizers and public option.

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