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Healthcare and Benefits Platform: U.S. Presidential Candidates 2020

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. With less than a month until the election, most are focused on staying well and adjusting to what’s next.

The current healthcare and economic impacts of this disease, the treatments, shutdowns of business, all the unprecedented spending packages to keep people going are unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s still too early to know the final impacts of this situation since it’s all unchartered territory, but it presents challenges that wouldn’t exist and creates an entirely new set of rules.

All of that being said, it makes understanding what the right step forward extremely challenging for Americans and employers. Review the healthcare platform of each candidate as it stands now so you can prepare and plan for either outcome of the upcoming election.

Download the Healthcare Platforms Overview here:

As the election draws closer, it will become even more imperative to stay on top of developments as it may relate to your business, your workforce and offerings. Visit OneDigital’s Election 2020 Hub for up to date information and resources.