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I Am Because We Are

For the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to coach boys’ high school basketball at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in Windsor, CT. We had a successful season this past year, and I am so proud of our team’s dignity, culture and togetherness. With seven seniors who led us to the 2017 State Championship semifinals departing for college at the end of last year, I knew we would have a tough road ahead of us for the 2018 season. In previous years, our team had embraced ‘Ubuntu’, a mantra that originated from southern African culture meaning “I am because we are.” When the majority of our team turned over, our coaching staff believed we should embrace a new mantra for this season to reenergize our team, however, the returning players decided to carry the torch into this season and beyond, representing Ubuntu to the fullest, both on and off the court.

Although I am competitive and love to win, what struck me most about this season was not the amount of wins we had, but the affirmation of what great indivduals our team had. There is a direct parallel between the players I coach and my OneDigital teammates. “Carry the Torch” was the theme at our 2018 Growth Summit and very timely as an Olympic reference with the 2018 Olympic Games this past winter. Our OneDigital “athletes” socialized and learned from other athletes in the OneDigital Olympic Village. They were charged with "carrying the torch" back to their respective offices and inspiring them to work like champions every day.

As employee benefits brokers, we work in time sensitive, high intensity environments where we count on our colleagues constantly. Whether it is shuffling workloads, covering a meeting for someone or simply answering each other’s day-to-day questions, we function best as a unit. OneDigital embraces Ubuntu every day without even realizing it. Through adversity, we continuously stand strong and prevail as one. OneDigital is a champion everyday by providing clients the newest and freshest ideas, products and platforms that keep us ahead of the game.

As I reflect on this past season, I am very proud of the team's effort and togetherness. I am equally as proud and excited about my work team and applaud OneDigital for empowering all of its employees. I am excited to continue to carry the torch and be a contributor for my team. I am because we are OneDigital!


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