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Incorporating Healthy Nutrition At The Workplace

Hello everyone! May flowers are in full bloom…isn’t that inspiring? With that in mind, let’s get inspired on how to incorporate healthy nutrition at the workplace. When we choose to eat healthily, by including fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins into our diet, it may help to reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. Not only that, but healthy eating gives us more energy, keeps our weight in control, keeps our bones strong…should I keep going?

When looking at how to influence healthy nutrition at the workplace, get creative! Before you implement any program, start by:

  • Recruiting a few like-minded colleagues to help support your efforts
  • Assessing the resources available in your staff dining area
  • Getting to know local food establishments near the workplace that offer healthy fare
  • Asking leadership if they’d consider a healthy eating budget for you to leverage

Once done, let the ideas flow!

You may also want to consider the following initiatives to motivate your employees:

  • Host fresh fruit Fridays, salad bar Wednesdays or healthy smoothie Thursdays during the week
  • Have fun with a healthy pot luck luncheon, recipe swap or a company cookout
  • Get competitive with ingredient wars, a healthy chili cook-off or a fruit & veggie contest
  • Offer healthy foods & beverages in vending machines
  • Feature healthy alternatives at your onsite cafeteria
  • Contract with a healthy food truck vendor
  • Design a healthy food policy to always have healthy alternatives at company functions
  • Partner with local dietitians or nutritionists to conduct informational lunch & learns
  • Partner with local chefs to offer healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Partner with local farmers or offer opportunities through farmers markets
  • Design a Healthy Alternative bulletin board to feature the benefits of healthy eating

The possibilities are endless and oh what fun you can have! Again, don’t go at it alone. Get employees to rally behind you to show leadership that there is interest in creating a healthier workplace culture concerning nutrition.