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It’s Early On My Journey

We talk in our industry about engaging at the individual level to effect change in our health care system. That can sound like a pretty abstruse concept to many. What can happen to effect change? What can be a catalyst? How do we make it personal? Here's perspective on what has worked to date for me.

I’m not always the best multi-tasker, but there are some things I can do. First, I'm on my computer endlessly. And, I can walk for long periods of time. So, if I do both together, I'm moving all the time. This burns calories. Slowly but surely I started losing weight. The key for me is - it's easy. I do it all the time when not traveling, and I actually miss it when I'm on the road.

I have not by any means arrived at my destination, but I feel like I have found a healthy pathway that's easier for me and works. Since this is 2013, everything involves technology, I’ve started there. My personally crafted, high tech marvel includes a treadmill, the fascia of one of my kid's old dresser drawers (including handle knobs, one being a basketball, the other a baseball), one of my wife’s old jewelry baskets and good ol' scotch tape.

When asked to write my thoughts down I thought … “no way.” Too personal, and I'm only half way there.  But I took a cut at it here, regardless. No one has a greater appreciation than me for migrating from a sedentary life behind a computer and being too busy running around the country to eating healthier and just moving. The key for me was to find something that worked for me. That's it - no more, no less. I've had a treadmill in my office for four years, mostly collecting dust. I'm actually walking on it now and have been for 73 minutes and 24 seconds writing this and doing e-mails. I may end up being the guy walking on a treadmill who needs a helmet, but if that's what it takes, I'm on board ... for now.