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It's Time To Kick Butts

... cigarette butts that is. Today, on Kick Butts Day, we celebrate smoking cessation programs and encourage the 42 million smokers in the U.S. to kick the habit. Everyone has a different way to approach their own tobacco battle. The most popular and obvious benefit of being a non-smoker is enjoying a longer and healthier life. Along with that, quitters can expect to lose the chronic cough and gain productivity, taste, and up to $5000 a year bypassing the box of temptations. We reached out to a couple of non-smokers within our OneDigital family to find out what worked for them.

Nicotine Replacement

We are no longer in the 70s era. You can’t smoke on trains, planes, or other forms of transportation. Sheelah Gault, Director of Finance, was ready to go on a trip with her girlfriends by sailing the seas on an all-inclusive cruise. Being the only smoker on board, she was determined to quit before her day of departure. Sheelah had smoked for 20 years and leaned on “the patch” to help her quit. The instructions advised her to make a plan. After finding her triggers, creating a support group, and finding what to do when the urges hit, she came up with a day to quit! Three years ago, she became patch-free and smoke-free, and her trip was uncontrolled by the almighty cigarette.

Cold Turkey

Tracey Nation, Commissions Coordinator, quit 15 years ago. After many attempts, the overwhelming urge to quit started when cigarettes began to taste like “dirty socks.” She reached out to her doctor for help. He provided her with sample doses of antidepressants, which are believed by many to assist you in smoking cessation. “After about a week of not sleeping and wicked dreams,” Tracey says, “I stopped, and with determination, weaned myself off the cigarettes.” Three months later, she was smoke-free and has been since.

Other Ways to Quit

Other forms of smoking cessation are becoming increasingly popular. Most commonly used to treat pain, acupuncture is now used as a way to quit smoking. It’s said to relieve your discomfort from nicotine withdrawal. The Oriental practices of hypnotism are said to reduce the desire to smoke, increase the will to stop, or increase your focus on other cessation programs. Celebrities like Matt Damon and Charlize Theron have used this method to kick the habit.

There are countless ways to quit smoking. Even relying on your search engine, Google, can provide you with stories of unusual ways people have used to quit. Bottom line – find support, find a program, and find what works for you. We encourage all of you in our OneDigital family as well as those across our great nation to Kick Butts today!

Did you quit smoking?  Tell us your story in the comments below.  Your journey could help others to a smoke-free life.


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