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Jania Stout Tells CNBC Younger Employees Want More Options for Their 401K Plans

While most 401(k) investors simply set it and forget it when it comes to their retirement savings, there are some who take the extra step of choosing their own investments.

Jania Stout, OneDigital Senior Vice President, Retirement + Wealth, recently sat down with CNBC for a piece on investments sophisticated 401(k) participants are buying and recent trends towards more employers adding brokerage windows into their plans. According to Stout, younger workers, who came into investing during the pandemic, have started asking for the option in their plans.

“People seem to be a little more tolerant of risk and so they might want to invest in riskier assets, more international investment options, more small-cap, mid-cap stocks than you are generally seeing in a 401(k) lineup.
Jania Stout, OneDigital Senior Vice President, Retirement + Wealth

In particular, Stout is seeing interest from employers in giving access to funds that incorporate environmental, social and governance themes and, from time to time, crypto. Again, because younger people want those options.

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