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Jenni Bedell Shares Tips on Finding Balance as a Working Mom

Juggling motherhood and work is just

Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader, OneDigital HR Consulting, recently sat down with the hosts of WSMV's popular daytime show Today in Nashville to share tips on how moms can balance their career and home duties while protecting their mental and physical wellbeing.

Jenni says that among the most critical elements to a successful work-life balance as a parent, having the right employer partner is key.

People are now building their work around their lives, as opposed to building their lives around their work, so finding the right employer is key to a successful work-life balance as a parent.
Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader, HR Consulting OneDigital Tennessee

Jenni's other tips for working moms include taking a day-by-day approach, understanding your priorities, and setting clear boundaries. Additionally, it is critical to not only know when to ask for help but to actually reach out to get the help you need. And above all, Jenni recommends giving yourself lots of grace, no one achieves perfect balance every day!

Watch the full segment here.

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