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Low-Cost Tips For Your Summer Worksite Wellness Programs

Firecracker, firecracker…ooh…ah! Don’t you just love the excitement around the fourth of July? Picnics, beach parties, and gathering with family and friends to celebrate our country’s independence! Now that’s energizing! Let’s see if we can generate that type of excitement for our worksite wellness programs, who’s in?

Here are some great low-cost tips to help you and your wellness committee get the energy flowing:

  • Sponsor creative contests such as: “Set Your Own Health Goal Competition,” “Wellness Project of the Month Contest,” “A Competitive Day of Recess,” “Health Trivia Face-Off” or “Ingredient Wars.”
  • Set up a health and wellness resource center (bulletin board or library) with health information, employee success stories, community sponsored wellness events, health magazines and periodicals.
  • Distribute an employee health and wellness interest survey to gather insight from employees and make it fun with incentives for participating.
  • Include families in your efforts by sending home healthy “fun facts” sheets on a regular basis or host an annual family health fair with various health related activities.
  • Host an annual team-building day and incorporate physical activity into the day’s events such as a scavenger hunt or hike.
  • Create a “healthy lifestyles” newsletter filled with all things health and wellness and/or develop a monthly health theme with education and fun activities throughout the month.
  • Host quarterly lunch and learns with speakers from your local health and wellness community.
  • Arrange for a healthy food truck to visit your company on a weekly basis.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The more creative you get, the better! Get senior leadership on board to help promote your initiatives and take part in them, too. You may even want to host a senior leadership health challenge to kick things off…now that’s a novel idea!